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Phillip Deems

They Will Never See It Coming!

I Love To Compete

My Journey to 40 (my perfect life as defined by me) includes becoming the best in my field when it comes to my career.  That is going to take a great deal of training to achieve, but I am working hard to get there.  Professionally, I have been living by The Fighter’s Mentality for a long time.   This mindset includes principals that I learned in my 15 or so years in the fight game.  Principals and fundamental techniques that include the jab, cross, shin kick, elbow, arm bars, leg locks, heel hooks and more.

Apply The Fundamentals Of Fighting…Win In Business

Why do I list these things?  Well, they have figurative, real world applications.  Let me give you an example.  “A Feint” is a movement used to deceive.  Use a feint as a way to draw an opponent in!  Once they react to your movement, you hit them with your real intention which, to circle back, was disguised by the feint.  Make sense?  In business, this is a wonderful way to keep your opponents on their toes…a great way to keep them guessing.

Think about it for a second…where could you apply “A Feint” in your day to day business strategy?  Use it properly and they will never see what’s coming. 

Round one goes to you!

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