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Where Are You At On Your Journey?

My Journey to 4.0 continues and hopefully you have started your journey by now as well.  The new version of you as defined by your perfect life should be underway.  Quick recap!  You are a fighter who is trying to WIN THAT BIG FIGHT…so work on your mindset…a FIGHTER’S MENTALITY.  Also, remember to WRITE DOWN WHAT YOU THINK YOUR PERFECT PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL LIFE IS to make it real, to know what you are fighting for.  It has to be a tangible thing or you will never be able to actually reach out and touch the life you want.

It’s Not A Vision Board…Unless You Want It To Be!

My Journey to 4.0 is underway.  I have always had the Fighter’s Mentality, CHECK!  I have also written down my Perfect Life as defined by me, CHECK!  Let’s side track for a second.  Angela (my wife) calls this perfect definition of my life a vision board!  Maybe?  But, I think vision board is the wrong term here.  It’s simply a “A PERFECT LIFE CHECKLIST”.  I agree that pictures help you see what you want, but realistically, everyone can make a checklist.  Not everyone will make a vision board…I personally will not be cutting out pictures from magazines and placing them on a flat surface that I will have to place somewhere in my home.  Planning should be simple, so you build your checklist however you want and I would like you to call it whatever you want.  That makes it YOURS.

Focus On One Thing At A Time.

Looking at my checklist, I can see that the first couple of months of my Journey to 4.0 have been very successful.  On the personal side, I have lost 5 pounds as working out is now fun again for me.  It is a great start toward what I THINK is my perfect definition of body type.  Now, I really need to start looking at some of the other items that have been placed on the personal side of my checklist.  I have some items that I have not started addressing yet and this is okay.  Taking on all of your items at once is NOT a good idea.  So, I will continue my workouts as scheduled, but I am now going to look at the next item on the list and start putting a plan together that will help me achieve my goal for that item.  I am not going to overwhelm myself with too many things at once.  Keep in mind that during your journey, taking on one thing at a time makes it easier to focus.  Before you know it, your checklist items are now just a part of your routine or as my FIGHTER’S MENTALITY calls them, my daily training sessions.

It’s Simple!

Write it down!  Start Your Journey!  Focus on one item from your personal side of your checklist at a time!  Make that one item a routine, then move on to the next item.  Your training has begun.

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