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Who’s In Your Camp?

I have been contemplating my Journey to 4.0!  It is exciting to think of my goals and my “Perfect Life” as defined by me.  (Have you built your list yet?  If not read “Only You Can Define Perfect” to catch up)  So, as you already know, I live by The Fighter’s Mentality…through the years it is where my life experiences come from.  The one thing I know is very important to actual success…the one thing that will make or break whether I win my fight is the individuals who are in my training camp. 

Tragic Proof Who’s In Your Corner Is VERY IMPORTANT!

If you are close to my age, you may remember the Mike Tyson story.  Arguably one of the best fighters in boxing history.  There is no doubt that when he was in his prime, he was unstoppable.   In the early years, one of the factors that made him superior was the people in his corner.  The father and son relationship that Mike had with Cus D’Amato, (His trainer) was special.  There was a trust, a mutually beneficial arrangement, what seemed to be honesty and most importantly guidance.  When Cus D’Amato died, Mike seemed to fall apart.  He surrounded himself with individuals who were out for what he had, not for who he was as an individual.  You know the story and how it goes after that!

How Does Mike Tyson’s Story Help Me?

What can we deduce from this story is obvious.  If you surround yourself with good people…good things happen.  Positive thinkers, smart individuals, forward thinkers…it’s really up to you who you think fits best into your “Perfectly Defined Life”.  No matter what though, remember these individuals that you surround yourself with will play a factor in your success.  Do not kid yourself into thinking that you can do it on your own.  You will eventually crack without a mutually beneficial support “camp”…your corner!

How Do I Put Together My Own Dream Team?

Here’s how you know WHO should be training, rehearsing and assisting you on your Journey to 4.0.  Look at your definition of your perfect life.  Then, determine whether the team you are with right now will help you get there.  Do they have skills, personally and professionally, that will help you move forward in life?  Are they negative or positive thinkers?  Are they ambitious?  Can you help them out with their life?  (Give and take is very important.  Selfishness gets you no where!)  Do you feel you can trust them?  If you have friends and family who fill this role…then work together to mutually get to your goal of a perfect life.  If not, start working on making new friends who have similar ambitions.  Help others who may be able to help you in return and start to put together your dream team.  Remember, this is not a selfish venture!  You MUST surround yourself with good people for good things to happen…and they have to do the same.

Who’s In My Corner?

As for me, I have started putting together the best training camp I can find.  It starts with my wife, she is the best “cut woman”, “trainer” and “promoter” in the business.  I won’t make the same mistake that many fighter’s have made! 

My corner is here for life!  How about yours?

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