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Phillip Deems

It’s Your Personality…Not The Universe Silly!

Let’s Try An Exercise

Okay, stop what you are doing and reach way up…yep right into the air.  Now grab what you want.  Get it!!!!  Did you get it?  No!  Let’s try this…become a magnet!  Really try hard to become a REAL MAGNET.  Not working…Damn, sorry!  What about this…speak outloud and say this “SKY…GIVE ME WHAT I WANT!”  Did that work?  Oh well, we tried.

Sorry, That Didn’t Work!  Be Patient…I Guess?  It Will Eventually Come To You…I Guess?

Nothing against any other books or advice that you may have received in the past, but I am (personally) not a fan of “Lofty” approaches to getting what you want.  Asking for “the tangible” from “the intangible” is tough for me.  (Please don’t think I am talking religion here, that is something I will not discuss)  I am talking about “The Universe”.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand what most of these approaches are talking about and they have probably helped MANY, MANY people in the long run.  That’s fantastic!  But what about the normal person who doesn’t keep secrets very well?

Don’t Be Silly!

It comes down to this…your personality.  It’s your personality that attracts or repels.  It’s your personality that get’s you that job that you have been seeking.  It’s your personality that helps you find your soul mate.  It’s your personality that drives people away from you.  IT’S YOUR PERSONALITY!

You want to start getting what you want?  Work on your personality.  Be Kind, Be Ambitious, Be Caring, Be Generous, Be Fun Loving, Be Sympathetic, Be A Good Listener…watch what you start attracting into your life then!  If you are NOT Kind, NOT Ambitious, NOT Caring, NOT Generous, NOT Fun Loving, NOT Sympathetic, NOT A Good Listener…watch what you start losing or repelling in your life! 

It’s that simple…You Silly Goose!


2 comments on “It’s Your Personality…Not The Universe Silly!

  1. PhillipDeems
    July 20, 2012

    Thanks for reading Mark. Checking out your writing as we speak. Love it…

  2. Shellita Boxie
    July 21, 2012

    This was a fun read.

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