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Phillip Deems

The Story Of Trust Is A Fable!

Trust No One Who Says “Trust Me!”

I am reposting a blog that I wrote from January 31st of 2011 as a reminder to myself and as a lesson to you.  It’s VERY important to remember…trust is just a word and really does not exist, except in yourself!  Here is how “the term” TRUST should be handled.  Selfishly!

“Who Do I Trust?  ME THAT’S WHO!”

Most of you can probably name that movie quote.  If not, it is from the overly cheesy Scarface.  (Love that movie)  But the line above holds much merit.  Here’s why.  We all know someone who has let us down.  We may no longer trust these individuals.  But, how many times have you let yourself down, yet you keep coming back for more.  You have NO CHOICE but to trust yourself.  So be very selfish with this trust…do something for yourself.  Try one of the selfish acts below.

  • Giving money to MY favorite charity makes ME feel better.
  • Giving time to MY favorite charity makes ME feel better.
  • Taking care of MY family makes ME feel better.

Now that is some seriously narcissistic behavior.  So, I DON’T TRUST YOU enough to do these type of selfish deeds.  “Who do I trust, me that’s who!”  Now go trust yourself…and no one else!


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