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One Punch Knockouts Are Hard To Come By!

Did You See That?

The other night I was watching some preliminary UFC fights on TV.  They are always entertaining and for the most part you get fights that go a couple of rounds.  But on this night, one of the fights had a surprising finish.  A couple of seconds into the first round, this big guy just walks across the ring, throws “one punch” and knocks the other guy out!  I am glad they replayed it several times because our guests actually missed it!

Sure You Can Train For It…

…but in real life situations, that is a difficult task to pull off.  Although, when it comes to life you should always be swinging as hard as you can with every punch.  (If you remember, it will kick your butt if you don’t.)  The reality is, it’s a rare occasion when “one” of those punches lands right on the button especially that early in the round.  It normally takes a nice combination to get a victory.

Be Patient!

The more common and likely scenario for a UFC fight is much more calculated and patient.  It’s the ground fighter that works from the guard position to side control and then patiently positions himself for an arm bar…it’s the fighter that throws 25 devastating leg kicks…it’s a fighter on his back waiting for the opportunity for a triangle.  That is more likely!  So, a part of training when it comes to  living your definition of a successful life should be patience. 

Work hard at being the best knowing that you are always expecting to knock life out with one punch…but be prepared for the more likely scenario that involves you spending time and effort getting what you want and what you truly deserve.

2 comments on “One Punch Knockouts Are Hard To Come By!

  1. karenleblanc
    July 25, 2012

    Well said. And since I know how much you appreciate movie quotes, here is an appropriate one for your message in this blog post: “If you build it, they will come.” -Bull Durham Success comes from blind faith, preparation and a lot of patience.

    • PhillipDeems
      July 25, 2012

      Nice and dead on! Sometimes we are too anxious and impatient. It hurts the process. See an opportunity and go get it. That’s when the “knock out” happens. Thanks for reading as always Karen.

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