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Do You Have Character Flaws?

How do you know if you have character flaws?  This is a tricky question due to the fact that there is no official handbook that dictates social norms.  There is no CLEARLY defined “Proper Character Booklet”…not as far as I know.  If there is, please send it to me so I can work on myself will ya!  Make sure it is the official one though!

If There’s No Handbook…Then How Do I Know If I Have A Flaw?

I don’t know!!!  But the question intrigues me for many reasons, the main of which is I don’t have a clear answer.  Yep, no CLEAR answer as to what a character flaw is.  But, after doing some research I did find a top ten ugliest character flaws list by Phylameana lila Desy.

Ten Ugliest Character Flaws

  1. Arrogant, Argumentative
  2. Dishonest
  3. Short-tempered, Combative
  4. Need to Always be Right (Conceited)
  5. Perfectionist, Nit-Picking
  6. Being the Victim, Always Blaming the Other Guy  (Why does it have to be a guy?)
  7. Selfish, Miserly
  8. Stubborn, Rigid (Inflexible), Narrow-mindedness
  9. Vain, Prideful (Haughty)
  10. Humorless, Inability to Laugh at Yourself

Now be honest with yourself.  How many of these traits do you have?  I think I may have a couple!!!  Does that make me ugly?  Maybe!  I tend to be stubborn and combative sometimes…oh, okay and a bit of a perfectionist…well, I am a bit argumentative sometimes also…THERE I ADMITTED IT!  You know what they say about the first step to recovery! 

Now I need YOU to admit (to yourself) your ugliest character flaw from the list above.  Don’t be dishonest (see flaw #2). 



6 comments on “Do You Have Character Flaws?

  1. mzimmardi
    August 17, 2012

    Here’s a good guide. If you are alive, you have some kind of character flaw or more likely flaws. Everybody has something they can improve on in their character, and if they deny it, they are either lying or not aware of it, both character flaws!

    • PhillipDeems
      August 17, 2012

      Well put! I love to stop down and think about these things sometimes. It really helps me learn more about myself…I agree with the fact that everyone has something.

  2. Angela Bell-Deems
    August 18, 2012

    My husband tells me that I have at least one flaw on this list. Haha

    • PhillipDeems
      August 18, 2012

      Your husband told you that he had a hard time matching any of these flaws to your character. I said “maybe 1/2 of 1”. …and that was a stretch. WINK

  3. Shea Bullard
    August 18, 2012

    Funny we have same “flaws” but I just think they add character and make us “younique” 😉
    Besides no one is perfect as hard as we strive!

    • PhillipDeems
      August 18, 2012

      “Younique” I like that! You are correct…it is important that we stop every now and then to look at ourselves in the mirror called life. No one is perfect, but until you know yourself, you can’t grow yourself. Thanks for reading Shea!

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