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Phillip Deems

Ringside Seats At “Life’s” Prize Fight Are Expensive

I Don’t Think You Can Afford Them

What are the costs of sitting ringside at “Life’s” prize-fight?  I am here to tell you they are REALLY EXPENSIVE.  I am not talking about money for tickets…I am talking about real costs.  Like the costs of missing out on opportunities like…fun, financial success, optimal health, giving, friendships, love and the list goes on! 

Whether You Like It Or Not

You do know that you are still at a fight right!  Life is going to force you to attend, but you are either going to just sit ringside and accomplish NOTHING or you are going to step inside the ring and start achieving your goals one punch (list item) at a time.

Ringside seats suck!  GET IN THE RING!  Accomplish something BIG!

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This entry was posted on August 31, 2012 by in Change, Forty, Planning, Success.
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