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If You Are Going To Argue…Do It Right!

Okay, so with the Political Season, Fall TV Sweeps and Celebrity Sightings in full swing, I would like to teach everyone some basic strategy when it comes to arguing your point on the social networks.  (By the way, I just avoid debating on the social networks all together, but if you must.)  Here are some simple things to remember from a common sense point of view.

  1. Stick To One Point – If you are going to debate foreign policy, stick to foreign policy.  If you are going to discuss the economy, discuss the economy.  If you are going to argue Justin Bieber’s haircut, stick to hairstyle.  Let’s face it, you are being judged as you post…we can all read and we will pick a winner based on clarity.  Smokescreen debates where you hide behind propaganda or brand slogans will be quickly recognized and dismissed as BS. 
  2. Stick To The Facts –  Random, “Uh Huh”…and I read it somewhere…or I heard it on CNN or FOX News does not constitute facts.  Since you are probably on a computer or mobile device, do a little homework as you make your argument.  Avoid spin.  Link back to a fact check site that supports the point you are making.
  3. Spell Check and Grammar Check Please – The moment you misspell something or use unbelievably bad grammar in debate…you lose credibility in my mind.  No one will be able to take you seriously at that point.
  4. Overly Emotional?  Attitude?  Lose. – Stick to being a well articulated individual that listens and responds in a manner that is professional.  Using “CMON!” or “SERIOUSLY!!!” gets you no where.  You may be frustrated on the other end of the computer screen, but as you know in any debate, extreme emotion is the enemy.
  5. Don’t Know Anything About The Topic At Hand?  Stay Out Of The Conversation.

So, those are the basic common sense Social Argument rules in my opinion.  Plug these into your next political discussion, TV discussion about your favorite reality show or discussion about who is hotter…etc.

Or you could just avoid it all together and spend your time a little more wisely.  Hey, just a thought!

3 comments on “If You Are Going To Argue…Do It Right!

  1. mzimmardi
    September 9, 2012

    I disagree with #3 to a point. I have a problem with Dyslexia and sometimes I don’t catch the mistakes before releasing the comment. It doesn’t happen often, but it doesn’t say anything about my intelligence. If the mistakes are repeated and it is clear they don’t know, then it is a problem.

    I would also add another point. If the person on the other end is breaking any of the things you listed, get out. They will only drag you down to their level if you continue.

    • PhillipDeems
      September 9, 2012

      I see your point on #3. I think your grammar would back up the fact that you are an individual who knows what they are talking about at that point. There are some people who don’t even make an effort to articulate…Dyslexia aside, I have never seen you misspell anything here! So, great job. WINK and as always I really appreciate you reading. Love the conversations.

  2. Angela Bell-Deems
    September 9, 2012

    Haha yes, please know how to spell when you are voicing your opinion. Also, please read the whole article and not just the title. You will come across as a moron!

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