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Suit Up! Born With Silver Britches

Okay, every year I look forward to Georgia Football!  You may ask…“But why Phillip, you grew up in Florida?”  That is a great question that can easily be answered.

Born With Silver Britches

You see…most of my family is from Atlanta, GEORGIA.  And, just as most of you follow your parents political party…I followed my parents football preferences.  Before I could even think about what a choice was, I was wearing SILVER BRITCHES and bleeding RED & BLACK.  (Some of you may get that reference)  Then, when I could make a choice, I found out that Georgia Football was the CORRECT choice…it was the RIGHT team to align myself with. 

YEP!  Go Dawgs. 

Oh, and don’t even bring up that I am a fair weather fan just because we are starting the season ranked number 6 in the nation.  Oh no my friend.  I have suffered through many and I mean many years of losses to Florida etc…  It pained me, but I still root hard for my Dawgs.

So, Suit Up!  Root for YOUR team!  And…have a blast this football season no matter whether you are winning or losing.  

Signed…39 year Dawg Fan. 

*DISCLAIMER… For all my Florida Gator friends reading this, I don’t really wish losing upon you.  I just hope you don’t win.  HEE HEE!  Let the smack talk begin. 

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