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Save Some Green by Going Green at Home

Writer, Blogger, Karen LeBlanc recently hosted VIP tours of the Vision House. Check out this awesome blog posts showcasing some “green” concepts. Wonderful stuff Karen!

Trade Secrets by Jorge

Recently, I had the opportunity to host VIP tours of Green Builder Media’s VISION House® at Disney’s Epcot Theme Park in Orlando, Florida. The idea behind this exhibit, created in collaboration with Disney Imagineers, is to showcase the latest innovations in green design and sustainable living. I discovered a few money-saving and environmentally friendly features that anyone can add affordably to Save Some Green by Living Green.

Brick on the Exterior Saves Energy Bucks

Brick is a sustainable material that helps lower the utility bill because it holds in temperatures. Brick is made of clay and water so it’s environmentally safe, free of chemicals and pollutants. It’s durable, can carry heavy weight loads, fire resistant, and recyclable. As a bonus, old bricks make great architectural features when they are salvaged and reused in structures to add character.

Smog Eating Tiles Keep Us Healthy

I was surprised to discover that roof…

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