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Phillip Deems

Not Your Routine ROUTINE

Routine’s Become ROUTINE When You Make Them ROUTINE. 

Success is based on consistency, right?  I think most people understand that you don’t just “become great”.  It takes patience and persistence. 

  • My high school and college baseball coaches used to always talk about putting in your reps.  “You should be in the cage every day.”  They were right! 
  • My MMA trainers used to make sure we were doing our 2 minute drills on a daily basis.  “Your reaction’s should be rote”.  They were right!
  • My VP’s that I have worked for drive home the point that we should rehearse our pitches or presentations on a daily basis.  They were right as well!

Routine’s breed greatness.  So, make sure you set your routines and stick to them.  But, don’t think of them as routines…look at them as life training sessions. 

For Some Reason, Society Frowns Upon “The Routine”… 

…so change your mindset.  Understand you can’t reach your goals without the consistency that a routine provides.

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This entry was posted on September 27, 2012 by in Success.
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