Im Your Ad Guy

Phillip Deems

Are They REAAAALLLY Flaws?

…Or are they just attributes that make you unique?  That is the way I like to look at my Grey Hair, my Big Feet, my Hyperactive Disposition, my Love Of Work, my Loud Sneeze, my Obsessive Compulsion To Clean, …shall I go on!

The term flaw REAAAALLY is the wrong term to use when it comes to attributes that aren’t considered NORMAL.  Normal is boring, so make sure that you accentuate your uniqueness.  Show off the bump on your nose, your curly hair, your unique body type, YOUR GREY HAIR, or your bald head!  That’s right!  SOMEONE out there doesn’t see them as flaws. 

Flaunt Your Flaws!  Or you can be normal (YAWN)…it’s up to you!

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This entry was posted on November 1, 2012 by in Change, Forty, Success.
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