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Phillip Deems

Looks Like I’m Gonna Have To…

…Take Matters Into My Own Hands.   

Yep, if you are the type of person who relies on others, you may end up disappointed more often than not.  Thinking that anyone is going to carry you or guide you to the finish line you are trying to reach is a bit naive.  Realistically, the people you are relying on have their own agendas to run, their own families to take care of and their own financial well-being to ensure.  So, think about how difficult it is to make you a part of their daily thoughts and routines.  (Of course friends and family are always going to be there for you, I am talking about your decisions and the ownership of those decisions)

But, Doesn’t Everyone Need Help?

I am not trying to tell you not to place trust in others when it comes to individual projects etc… No, I am telling you that ULTIMATELY, your outcomes are purely yours to own.  If you are not happy with your financial status…it is your problem to fix.  If you are not happy with a specific relationship, it is your problem to fix. 

This Is Not A Bad Thing

This should be empowering…don’t take this as a negative.  It is basically YOU giving yourself POWER over your own life and its outcomes.  TAKE MATTERS INTO YOUR OWN HANDS.  You’ll be glad that there is no one else to blame, no one else to babysit and no one else but yourself to give credit to. 

I have to remind MYSELF of this as I take my Journey To 40…I hope you do the same.

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This entry was posted on November 2, 2012 by in Change, Forty, Planning, Success.
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