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My Two Personalities Wear Vests And Black Hats…


In my opinion…my unprofessional opinion by the way…I think everyone has two distinct personality types!  Let’s not get scientific.  I’m talking about a high level look at individuals here.

The Two Versions Of You!

We can break out your two personalities into these two categories.  PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL.  ( for the most part you should only have two…if you have more, see a psychologists.  WINK )  By the way, each one of these personalities has a story to tell. 

The PERSONAL side of you is seen mostly by close friends and family ONLY.  This part of your ego defines who you TRULY are…the individual who cries, laughs loudly (sometimes snorting), yells and screams, gets REALLY angry, is also romantic and gets really sensitive (sometimes using “baby talk”), and this personality also does other bodily things (gross).  This is the REAL you for the most part…the you that is not under scrutiny.  The you that doesn’t have an eye watching every move.  Your personal side doesn’t feel hesitant when it comes to speaking its mind or saying things that might be considered not very “PC”.  This side of you is basically considered TRUE. 

Your PROFESSIONAL side is, for the most part, quite the opposite.  This “alter ego” defines who you have to be for about 8 hours a day…sometimes more in most of our cases.  This side of you has to watch what you say and watch what you do.  It has to follow specific rules, to dress a certain way, act a certain way and be politically correct.  Your “alter ego” ultimately can’t TRULY reflect YOU.  It’s the “Sorta-Truth”.

…Of Course There Are Exceptions

Yes, some people do not have to worry about a professional side or “alter ego”.  There are exceptions to every rule…but everyone to some degree has to have an alter ego.  By the way, your alter ego is not “FAKE”, that is not what I am describing here.  I am describing “the you” that has to deal with varying personality types…the different types of people who you might normally not “hang out” with on a day-to-day basis.

What Does My Alter Ego Look Like?

Phillip has two personalities for sure!  Let’s describe “the me” that most people know.  Most people call me “VESTIE”.  This is the side of me that is the A-Type who is hungry for PROFESSIONAL accomplishments.  This is “the me” that is shooting to be the best in my line of work…who is actually trying to retire early, make enough money to support my family and “the me” that is always in a three-piece suit.  That’s where “VESTIE” came from.  I like my “alter ego” and in some regards it does reflect a little bit of my PERSONAL side.  I do watch what I say and watch what I do.  I do have rules to follow and people to please.  That’s why “VESTIE” exists.

The other me I call the “BLACK HAT ME”.  My neighbors, my close friends, my family and some acquaintances have experienced “the real me”.  This is the guy who’s a little crazy.  The guy who loves mixed martial arts, who grew up in athletics, who listens to rap music as well as opera and everything in between (sorry, I’m not a fan of country music).  The “black hat me” cusses (sorry, but I try not to offend) and drinks a little bit.  I don’t smoke cigarettes, but I do like a good cigar every now and then.  This side of me does cry, get angry and worry sometimes, but for the most part I just try to ENJOY.  With the help of my wife and close friends…this is “the me” that relaxes.

From this point forward, this blog will reference my two personalities as a way for you to get to know me a little better.  This reference can also help you define yourself a little better.  It can be a way to help you understand and compartmentalize the things that may need to be organized in life.  Your “alter ego” does exist and if you know who it is, you can control that side of you better. 

For me, it is going to help me tell my stories with more clarity.  For those who know me, it will give you an extended look into the crazy side of me that you have witnessed over the years.  For those who don’t know “the real me”, stay tuned to this blog.  You’ll get to know my “two personalities” or  “my two stories”.  “The Life of Vestie” and “The Black Hat Chronicles”. 

Tell me about your two personalities.  My Journey To 4.0 continues.

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