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Phillip Deems

Top Of Tha Mornin To Ya!

I am assuming that this is the cliché greeting of an Irishman.  You know the greeting you have all heard in the movies.  I bet this is how I will be greeted when I get off the plane in Ireland.  (I hope to schedule a trip over there with my wife soon!)  We all have our notion of what a greeting in another country or area is like, but how do people perceive the “American” greeting.  I bet you this is the greeting they are hearing in their minds…

“Howdy Y’all!” ????

No matter how the greeting is delivered, make sure that you deliver it today.  A simple Good Morning with a smile can go a long way.  But, I want to ask you to do one thing after you say “Good Morning”…stop and listen to how the person responds to your good morning.  Literally listen to the response.  All to often, a “Good Morning” is just small talk.  Also, when someone says good morning to you…respond!  Say, good morning back, then maybe throw in a “How was your weekend?”  Then, stop and listen to the answer.

Sounds simple, but how many times have you glossed over and responded in some weird way.  I’ve done it.

So, I say to you… “Aloha!”  (I’m listening for your response)


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This entry was posted on November 5, 2012 by in Success.
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