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Phillip Deems

The Truth Is What YOU Believe…Apparently!

In the grand scheme of things…you believe what you want to believe.  What does something like the election process show us…no matter how many figures and facts and research slides are thrown at you, you will still vote for who you want to vote for.  It doesn’t matter if there is hardcore, non-spun TRUTH right in front of your face.  It is a rare day that an undecided individual actually decides based on “side spun facts”.  (I am sure there is a research slide to back up that statement I just made.)

What Are The Facts?

Aliens do exist!  Armageddon is coming!  Prove those statements wrong.  Prove them right!  For every piece of information that is thrown at an expert, I bet you they can counter that fact with some spin that could effort at changing your mind or effort at making you second guess at the very least.  Ultimately, I am sure you could get to the real truth, whatever that may be…but, some people just choose to believe and listen to the side that benefits them the most. 

Who Cares Right? 

…we only care when it affects us personally and maybe that is the only answer to getting down to what belief is considered right or wrong.  But, when I think of the greater good…I come up with a different answer. 

Politics, Religion, Business, Family, Life In General…I choose to think of the greater good.  Apparently, that is what guides me to what I consider to be the TRUTH. 

My Journey To 4.o continues.  What do you believe?

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This entry was posted on November 6, 2012 by in Change, Forty.
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