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Phillip Deems

The Conscious Effort

Conscious Effort

I love this phrase because it really is as literal as it gets!  “A Conscious Effort”…should there be any other way?  Well, apparently we had to come up with a phrase to tell us all to stop making “Unconscious Efforts”. 

No Really!

Seriously, break it down for a second.  When you are unconscious, you are not aware…that means that many of our efforts are done without us actually realizing what we are doing.  I guess it is like being knocked out…or as I like to visualize it, you are walking around “efforting” like a Zombie.  (That is a pretty popular category now a days.  Zombies…right?)

There is a reason, I like the phrase “Conscious Effort”.  It’s kind of a passive aggressive way of saying “PAY ATTENTION”.  So, make a “Conscious Effort” today, will ya?  (WINK)

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This entry was posted on November 26, 2012 by in Success.
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