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Perception: Time Speeds Up, We Slow Down.

Why Is This?

I am sure that there is a science behind the perception of time speeding up as we grow older.  It really does feel like as the years go by…time seems to start speeding up.  The science I am sure explains that it is all about how we get busier as we grow older, so the perception lies in the fact we are not sitting idle like we used to when we were kids.  This boredom as a child, so to speak, makes time go by slower.  The irony in all of this is that we physically start to slow down and weaken with age.  Time and Gravity become our enemies over time.

How Can We Challenge This Perception?

…Because in the grand scheme of things, 60 seconds is still 60 seconds and one day still equals one day as far as I know.  So to challenge this perception I think we all need to start making every minute count.  Not in the cliché way you are thinking…I am not throwing out a FLUFFY STATEMENT.  Nope, I am talking about adding excitement to every moment.  EXCITEMENT, INTRIGUE, PASSION, CURIOSITY, FUN, CALCULATED DANGER…(You fill in the rest of the words YOU find exciting).

You see…if time is going to fly by, then I don’t want to waste it by using my minutes that I have left in a BORING way.  So to challenge the notion of “Time Speeding Up, We Slow Down”…I am going to make an effort at reversing the idea.  Perception Shift:  I Am Going To Speed Up and Slow Time Down.   

How?  It’s simple…more excitement, more intrigue, more passion, more curiosity, more fun…definitely a bit more danger.  😉  So as I speed up and haul ass past the notion of time, it will kind of feel like I slowed it down a little bit.   


2 comments on “Perception: Time Speeds Up, We Slow Down.

  1. spacecoasttravel
    December 9, 2012

    I like that idea. Keep busy on things that interest you and don’t pay attention to time.
    There really is a science behind time. Actually, people living in New Orleans go through time slower than someone living in Denver.
    But as for age, you are correct. As young children, we have little perception of time because we have little experience of it. As we get older, we see time slowing down because of the amount of time we lived and how much we see as left, but as we age, we know we are coming to the end and see it speeding up because we don’t want it to end.
    The best thing to do is live as children making new discoveries and trying new things. That way we see time as children and it goes slower. Live for now, not tomorrow.

    • PhillipDeems
      December 9, 2012

      Love it and that’s what I am going to do. I hope you do the same. Thanks as always for reading.

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