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Phillip Deems

“Finding Four Leaf Clovers”

My wife said something to me the other day when we were heading home from a trip.  It really put everything into perspective!

…Sure She’s Hot!

If you know Angela, you will not be surprised by this story, please enjoy…but for those who only know Angela as the HOT chic that’s married to the goofy guy, you must read the rest of this story to truly know her!

A Moment.

As we were in the car the other day heading  back from a visit with family, Angela was looking out the window.  Now normally, she would just smile and I would have no clue why she was looking outside glowing…but at that moment she gave me some insight into a beautiful mind.  As I was driving, probably wrestling with Pandora trying to find a good music channel…Tupac or something…she looked at me and had this very serious look.  She said, “You know the difference between me and these kids now a days?  I was intrigued because I’m thinking she was going to say something like “I actually wear my pants above my ass!  That’s the difference!”  She’s funny like that.  I was wrong.  She proceeded to say,  “When I would have seen that patch of clovers over there, I would have sat right down and not moved until I found one with four leaves!”  

Think about that statement for a minute. 

I damn near hit the brakes, I was so floored by this statement.  She in one simple sentence, put life into perspective.  She would not have stopped looking until she found a four-leaf clover!!!!  Friends, I will tell you…THAT is TRUE BEAUTY!  Look, we only have a couple of rules in our household, pet each cat every time you walk by them and stop to smell the roses is another.  Now, I’ve added one…whenever we see a field of clovers, we can’t leave until we have found one with four leaves.

Thank You Angela

I am humbled by such intelligence and although I giggled, told her that was a genius statement, then went on with the trip playing 80’s songs…I will never forget that moment. 

If you have kids or if you want to acquire TRUE BEAUTY…teach or learn to live like Angela.  Stop and Enjoy!

2 comments on ““Finding Four Leaf Clovers”

  1. William Hogue
    December 4, 2012

    Great word Phillip. Thanks for the reminder about the important things in life.

    • PhillipDeems
      December 4, 2012

      Thanks for reading Bill. We all need a reminder every now and then.

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