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Read Deeper Into “Status Quo”

Flip It On Its Head.  Am I right side up or right side down?

Flip It On Its Head. Am I right side up or right side down?

What’s The Real Truth Here?

I love inspirational quotes.  They really are important when it comes to teachable lessons.  But, if there is one thing I learned from one of my favorite writers, Seth Godin, it is that you need to look at things differently.  For example, one of the stories I like from his book “The Dip” talks about a coach whose motto was to “NEVER QUIT, NEVER GIVE UP.”  Well, if you look at certain situations a little bit deeper, there are MANY times when you should quit, such as a dead-end job that you have given everything to for many years…a job that you know in your heart is not right for you.  A job that if you don’t quit will never get you anywhere.

Intention vs. Literal Meaning

So, when looking at an inspirational quote, you have to look at two different things as you pick them apart.  What is the Intention of the quote, (this is more likely to be accurate) versus the Literal Meaning.  

  1. Many times if you look at a quote and understand its intentions, you smile, say “that was nice” and then move on to bettering your life in some way.  (Hoping that the inspirational quote you read will actually help you on your quest for utopia).   This is the true Intention of most people’s re-tweets, Facebook posts and pins.  The intentions really are to inspire.
  2. When it comes to Literal Meaning, you can sometimes get a different look at inspirational quotes.  Let’s use one example that talks about your job.  “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  The intention of this quote is clear…if you love your job it really isn’t like doing real work.  We get it.  But if you look at the Literal Meaning it really comes across differently.  Just choosing an actual JOB means I have to WORK.  Job = Work.  If I had to re-write this quote, I would have said it this way!  “If you REALLY LOVE your job, then you will do it for free…but then it’s not a job is it?”  (Try making a living off of that quote.  WINK)

Now, why would I screw such a great quote up for you?  Because, “Phillip…you know what (so and so) meant when (he or she) wrote that.”  (It has been falsely attributed to Confucius)  Of course I do!  But, you as an individual need to start looking at things differently.  Don’t take the written word or visual stimuli as fact anymore.  When it comes to Politics, News or any Entertainment you see or read…question it!  Turn the issue around, look at the other side, flip it on its head. (See the above picture)  Think outside of the parallelogram.  Put a puzzle together or brush your teeth with your left hand.  (If you are left-handed, try the right!)  If you are a man, order up a girly drink sometimes…If you are a woman, order up a scotch on the rocks (“Light ice please and make it snappy.”  You know, because “real men” are rude!  HA)  Men, cry at a movie, LOUDLY.  (That would be hilarious by the way!)  Women, watch SCARFACE…and love it!  (This one will never happen)

Please understand the Intention verses the Literal Meaning of this post…(Or the other way around, which ever you choose).  I want you to use the left side of your brain because the right side is full or vice versa.  You really are missing out if you don’t. 

Let me leave you with this inspirational quote:  “Don’t judge each day by the harvest that you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.” 

(Anyone?  Anyone?  Hee, Hee)  My Literally Intent Journey To 4.0 Continues!


2 comments on “Read Deeper Into “Status Quo”

  1. Angela Bell-Deems
    January 6, 2013

    Hey I took that crazy picture. Have fun planting seeds today. 😉

    • PhillipDeems
      January 6, 2013

      Ha! That was a good one Angela. Planting Seeds!!!! Ha!

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