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4 OBVIOUS Observations About Superier Athleticism And How It Can Help You.

NOTE WHEN YOU READ THIS BLOG POST.  If you are not concerned about being the best, then what are you concerned about?  Figure it out…then apply the 4 attributes below to that which you are concerned about and watch what happens.   

Superior Athleticism

How does one become the best?  How do athletes separate themselves from the rest of the pack and become #1?  What can you learn from athletes like the ones you will watch in the Super Bowl today?  A lot…and it’s really obvious in observation, but difficult in execution.

  1. SACRIFICE – Sometimes it’s not always fun, but to be the best you have to give something up!  You will see many stories about individuals who have sacrificed a great deal for that “one victory” or to be “recognized as the best”.  Whether we like it or not, something has to give and many times it is at the expense of FUN. 
  2. EXTRA EFFORT – Superior athletes spend MORE TIME trying to be the best.  Extra hours in the gym, extra hours studying game film, extra hours doing whatever it takes to be better than you.  So, while you are home sleeping or watching TV, they are NOT.
  3. FOCUS – The greatest athletes in the world have superior focus.  They get in the zone, dial in, and with laser sharp acuracy…get the job done.
  4. PASSION – You simply can not be the best without pouring your heart and soul into whatever it is you want to be the best at.  This is what separates the BIG BOYS from the GIANTS.  They will eat, sleep and breathe their craft.  It’s more than a job…it’s a craving! 

Sacrifice by putting in the extra effort and focus on that which you are passionate about, then you just might have a chance to claim that YOU are #1. 

I have personally been trying to apply these characteristics to my Journey To 4.0.  I am making an effort to be the best.  YOU?

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