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Support Should Be Like A Great Pair Of Underwear!

The Superman Briefs Are Awesome!

You have your favorite pair or your favorite type of underwear.  Don’t lie…you know the type that is very supportive, right!  Well, a nice supportive pair of underwear gets the job done.  What about the non-supportive underwear?

The “Auto NO” Underwear.

These are my favorite types of non-supportive underwear.  These non-supportive briefs say “NO” without giving some thought as to how an idea can improve the process of making money, or improve the process of getting others excited or empowered… We have all had a pair of these annoying drawer space hogs.  They are the holes in your favorite boxer briefs…the stretched out elastic that forces your undies to fall off.

Don’t let the Automatic “No” get in the way of your vision of success.  If you have an approach or an idea that you can prove will improve things, buy a pair of brand new underwear that  will help you support that idea.

The It’s Never Good Enough Pair Of Panties.

This pair of underwear may be brand new and they look very supportive, but in the grand scheme of things you can never clean them up…they are soiled and stained.  (Sorry for the visual, but you get it)  So, after you try to clean the stains a couple of times and they still don’t come out, you would normally get rid of them.  It just makes sense to get a pair that is not only supportive, but stain free.  Right?

Enough underwear analogies for today!  But, you understand the theory…A great pair of underwear can be very supportive, holds things in place and allows you to feel confident in the fact that if you get caught with your pants down, everything will be okay!

One comment on “Support Should Be Like A Great Pair Of Underwear!

  1. Sandie Tucker
    March 28, 2013

    OH DEAR, you thought this one through

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