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The Year In Review

Taking a look back at the past year has been exciting for me.  Why?  Because I have been working my ass off to be a better person…a better person to my wife, my family, my friends and ultimately to myself.  My Journey To 4.0 is coming to a close…May 6th is just weeks away.

Where Shall I Start?

Let’s start with what I have learned about my personal life.  I am a LUCKY GUY!  Here’s 5 things that sum it up for me.

  1. I have the greatest wife in the world.  I truly don’t deserve someone so wonderful, but I can honestly say she makes me better at everything.
  2. I have the greatest family in the world.  Good luck trying to top my family…seriously.  THE BEST.
  3. I have the greatest friends in the world.  I am surrounded by so many talented, caring and beautiful people.
  4. I have everything I will ever need.  All of the wealth in the world could not give me more.
  5. I would be crippled without 3 of the above.  I do not exist without my wife, my family and my friends…I can do without my material things!

Where Shall I Continue?

Let’s look at my professional life.  After scrutiny, here are 5 things I learned about myself when it comes to my career.

  1. I am very competitive.  Although I assumed this, it wasn’t made clear to me just how competitive until I assessed my professional habits.  Whoa…whether this is a good or a bad thing remains to be seen.
  2. I am loyal to my job.  I can say whatever I want about my career, but the moment you say anything bad about my company or my team…I go into proud papa mode.  I will defend them until they don’t exist anymore.
  3. I have a “I Like To Work” problem.  If I am not working on something productive…I get uncomfortable!  This, I have deduced, is a problem.  I need to learn how and when to shut it off.
  4. I needed to calm down as a boss.  Not everyone wants to work all the time like myself and that is a good thing.  So, I re-adjusted my outlook on management and am very happy to say that I am already seeing better results from our team.
  5. I LOVE WHAT I DO!  It is not a job to me.

…And Finally.

Let’s look at my health.  I have never felt better.  Here are 5 assessments of my health!

  1. I am eating better…AND LESS.  This is a simple path that has helped me maintain a healthy weight.  It really is that simple.
  2. I am working out 6 days a week.  Although it sounded difficult at first, I managed to make it happen for the past year due to the fact that I have made it a part of my daily chores.  I go to work for 12 1/2 hours every day…30 minutes of which is spent in our home gym working out.  If I try to make an excuse to not work out, I change into my workout clothes anyway.  Then I feel compelled to work out.  It really is that simple.
  3. I am not neglecting myself of the little pleasures.  I have an occasional drink, an occasional sweet treat and an occasional culinary delight…but that is limited to about once a week.  No sodas, limited amounts of sugar, the rare fried food item, hardly any red meat and alcohol in small amounts has helped me become the healthiest I have ever been.  Even with 20+ years of high level athletics under my belt.  It really is that simple.
  4. My mental health is better.  Stress has been a major part of my life since I started my career.  At times it has almost sent me over the edge.  But not any more.  I am controlling every part of my health and this has been what I consider to be one of my finest achievements over the past year.  Emotional control and stability.  Can I get stronger mentally?  Yep, and I will continue to strengthen my mind through practice, study and evaluation.
  5. I am not stopping at 40.  Although my journey was based on the new me or 4.0 (four point oh), I have found that I want to continue this new lifestyle.  I want to set new goals and achieve more in all areas of my life, mainly my health.

Please understand why I have taken this journey.  Although it is an assessment of a BETTER ME, as narcissistic as that may sound, I ultimately want it to translate into a BETTER YOU.  If I can do it, I SURE KNOW YOU CAN DO IT.

Join me and start taking your own Journey.  Ask me how and I will help.

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