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Secure Your Insecurities

Everyone Has Character Flaws

I myself have many!  But, on my Journey To 4.0, I have assessed my character A LOT.  In doing this, I have found out that I had some insecurities that needed to be addressed.  Nothing major, but they could have been seen as weaknesses in some circles of my life.

  1. I found out I did not take criticism very well.  Now this is a double-edged insecurity, meaning that when a constructive criticism came my way, I was fine with it…But if you lead with an “I don’t like it” or a “That sucks” and did not have a good reason why, I did not handle it very well.  But, after working on improving this character flaw, I found out that criticism in that form happens a great deal due to the criticizer’s own insecurities.  That really helped me deal with situations like this in a much more reasonable way.  I now start the internal dialogue when criticisms come my way.  It sounds something like this…“Wow, that was a rough critique with no reasoning behind it…and they were a little negative about it.  Oh well, maybe they are just having a bad day.”  Then I move on to my next creative venture.  Nuff Said!!!!
  2. I question my abilities on a daily basis.  I tend to be a perfectionist and when I do not meet my own high standards, I feel let down.  The remedy, give everything I do the normal extra effort and attention to detail…when I have completed the task, I give myself a quick pat on the back then assess what worked, didn’t work, then move on.  But, when I move on, know that my success has been earned and my peers respect me.  Nuff Said!!!!

I am still assessing every aspect of my life and when I now find insecurities, I handle them immediately.  This means having your own internal dialogue prepared when you recognize yourself being defensive, agitated, angry or sad about something that did not go perfectly.  Define the flaw, recognize it when it occurs and use the internal dialogue as your solution.  You will eventually not have to worry about the insecurity due to the fact it has gone away.  Your problem will be solved.

Insecurity can be a disease and if you don’t try to cure it, IT WILL bring you down…figuratively and literally.  Take the Journey with me and if you need help getting started, just ask!

One comment on “Secure Your Insecurities

  1. Angela Bell-Deems
    April 11, 2013

    Like I always tell you.. Consider the source..

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