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Phillip Deems

Hi, My Name Is Phillip And I…

…am a WORKAHOLIC! There, I said it, and officially admitting is the first step…But now I ask myself “the first step to what”?

Should I Be Looking For A Support Buddy Or Something?
I mean, is this a serious problem? Advancing my career knowledge on a daily basis, working on new idea application, thinking of new approaches to creative development, planning next financial steps everyday and more.

It’s At The Expense Of No One
…except me? Right? Or is this denial of the fact that working too much can be detrimental to your health. Well, I’ve never been more mentally and physically fit in my life…hmmmmm?

Maybe There Is Something To This Disease
Here is what I have assessed about my workaholic tendencies as I have taken this Journey To 4.0…It is a piece of the pie that makes up my purpose in life. I can not change it and believe me I have tried! I enjoy getting better at something career related everyday. It is in my DNA and as long as it is not harming the ones I love and those who love me. SO BE IT!

Hi, I’m Phillip And I Am A Workaholic
If admitting it is my only step toward recovery, then I will be just fine.

2 comments on “Hi, My Name Is Phillip And I…

  1. T. Van
    April 13, 2013

    The problem with age markers is they are like the “mile markers” of your life. You don’t “arrive” at 40,… just go past it. In itself, it is nothing. What matters is what has happened, and what will happen between the markers. That is your life story. That is you.

    • PhillipDeems
      April 13, 2013

      Wise as always Terry. I am enjoying every moment of life. Even during the work hours. I am only using 40 as a gauge. I will extend my life assessment as far as I can take it. The goal is to be as good at life as I can be. Thanks for reading Terry.

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