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Phillip Deems

Find The Strength To Help In Tragedy

“Would you run from or run toward?  If not during how about after”?

There is nothing good about tragic situations, especially where loss of life is concerned.  The only thing we can do as human beings is to try to move on and learn from observation.

We can only sympathize…

If the tragedy has closely affected you, NO ONE can tell you how to feel or how to recover.  Each individual will have to go through that on their own.  Please know that you must move on and acknowledge the fact that there are people out there who will listen.

We can only learn…

If a tragedy has not affected us personally when it comes to family and friends…we must still pay attention.  Take a look at what has happened, how it happened and most importantly how you can help.

Then, think about what you would be going through if tragedy struck you in the same manner.

Wouldn’t you want help?

Let’s all get out and help…Find STRENGTH within yourself to break your daily habit and reach out.  There is no kind gesture that is too small.

I choose to run toward.


One comment on “Find The Strength To Help In Tragedy

  1. Sandie Tucker
    April 16, 2013

    Well said Phillip, word have never been stronger, this country will rebound, with the strength of God and a divine human race.

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