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Life Lessons or Lessons on Marketing? You decide!

10 Lessons On Marketing

10 Lessons On Marketing

I can’t claim the following “10 Lessons On Marketing”, but I will tell you that I live by them everyday.  They are even posted on my office door.  Read each one with an open mind…you may see more than just marketing advice in each lesson.

  1. Quality Is The Best Advertising – Milton Hershey
  2. Form An Emotional Connection – Seth Godin
  3. Measure Your Marketing – Unknown
  4. Nothing Happens Without Promotion – PT Barnum
  5. Be People Driven – Georgiana Laudi
  6. Understand The Customer – Peter Drucker
  7. Reposition Weaknesses To Strengths – Reed Hastings
  8. Write About The Problem / Solutions – Laura Fitton
  9. Market Like Prospects Shop – Brian Halligan
  10. Be Creative And Experiment – Mike Volpe

Starting tomorrow, I am going to dissect each lesson to open up a discussion.  The goal will be to show you how you can apply each one of these in a way that can help you better your life.


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