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Quality Attracts!!!

Quality Control

Quality Control

If you haven’t had a chance yet…take a look at my blog post from yesterday.  “Life Lessons or Lessons on Marketing?”  initiated the thought that what could be learned from a marketing lesson, could be applied to your personal life.

Knowing this, let’s take a look at marketing lesson #1 “Quality Is The Best Advertising.”

Quality, when it comes to advertising is knowing your audience, knowing how/where to reach them in terms of placement and then forming a story that resonates with that specific audience.  In more simple terms, brand loyalty starts with the right story being told to the right audience.  But, how can this apply to your life?

Just as quality advertising attracts the right audience…quality living attracts better everything.  When you eat quality foods and perform quality workouts, your body responds in a positive manner.  When you focus on developing quality relationships, you reap the benefits of true friendship, love and respect.  When you focus on quality in your workplace, money and happiness will eventually follow.

There are always exceptions to any rule, but they are just that…exceptions.  Quality should be “the normal”.  It really is the best advertising FOR YOU…and that’s ATTRACTIVE.

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