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Connecting Emotionally

Building Your Tribe Through Emotional Connections.  Image From

Building Your Tribe Through Emotional Connections. Image From

To catch up on this riveting (sarcasm) discussion, please see the last two days post…but to briefly recap, I am an ad guy who has his favorite 10 Lessons On Marketing.  I am also a human being who thinks that my favorite 10 lessons on marketing are relevant to living a better life.  Thursday, we looked at #1 which states that “Quality is the Best Advertising”.  

Today, let’s look at #2, “Form An Emotional Connection”.

When it comes to marketing or advertising one of our main goals, for any campaign, is to connect with the consumer on a deeper level.  We want people to respond emotionally to said product or service.  Best selling author, Seth Godin, describes ideal brand loyalty as  “tribes” or  loyal followers.  To garner this loyal following, the brand needs to form an emotional connection.  Makes total sense right?

Well, how obvious is this one?  When it comes to developing better relationships, especially when it comes to family and friends, there is nothing better than an emotional bond.  An emotional connection with family and friends means interacting with someone who truly listens, responds, cries, laughs and engages on a level of trust.  No judgment.  This emotional connection happens with YOUR tribe members and is exactly the type of trusting relationship that a good brand is looking for when it comes to their consumers.

So, your quality of life and the emotional connections you make along the way go hand in hand.  More formally, in advertising, the quality of advertising and the emotional connections we make with the consumers is no different.

Tomorrow we look at #3, “Measure Your Marketing”.  Hmmmmm???

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