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Phillip Deems

How Did That Work Out For You?

If you measure it...

If you measure it…


“How did that work out for you?”  I love this phrase and there is one simple reason why!  When I ask a partner or a potential partner this question…I get really interesting answers that range from:

  1. Honesty – “I’m not real sure.”
  2. Not So Honest – “Oh, it’s working out great!” or “Oh, it’s not working at all!”  Two difficult questions later on how they are measuring their campaign and you get the honest response.  (See response #1)

Measure everything you do!  That way when I ask you the question “How did that work out for you?”…your response will come with some HONEST data to back it up.

Because “I’m not real sure” is an okay answer.  We can fix that.

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This entry was posted on July 8, 2013 by in Success.
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