Im Your Ad Guy

Phillip Deems

Have I got a story to tell you…

Children get put to sleep with them.  Adults pay $10 per ticket to see them at movie theatres.  The life of any party uses them to get your attention.  Daytime TV watchers know that SOAP is more than something you clean your body with.  Native Americans and Egyptians drew pictures on cave walls to convey them, and fiction writers get paid big bucks to publish them.  I am obviously talking about stories.

You can advance your career and your social life if you want.  Have fun with storytelling to better your existence.  Whether it’s in a presentation or at a dinner, work on telling stories that engage with an open, body and a big close.    Keep them short and show your personality.  Find the moments in life that are compelling and convey them in ways that grab attention.  The most successful people in the world are great storytellers.  Why don’t you join them?

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