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Phillip Deems

We Love Train Wrecks!

The irony in that statement is astounding to me, but I dare you to try to deny it.  Let’s look at this literally. 

  • How many times have you slowed down to see a car crashed on the side of the road?  (Everyone does it!)
  • How many of you watch “Honey Boo Boo”, “The Jersey Shore”, “Orange County Housewives” etc…?  (Huge ratings means someone is watching)
  • How many viral videos have you watched where people damn near kill themselves?  (Millions of page views per day on You Tube prove this one)

I am a little disturbed by this and I am not sure why? 

I think it is because we should be spending our time a little more wisely.  Don’t get me wrong, I like to be entertained…but, what does it say about our society when we glorify ridiculous behavior?  I think this is a problem.

I do not have a solution. 

If I did, I would see more people engaging in productive conversations that garner solutions to societal problems.  If I had the answer, we would be supporting true Artists, Musicians, Film Directors  and Performers who train hard for their craft…instead of trash tv.  If I had the answer, we would all be enjoying each others company MORE at our local restaurants, pubs, and cafes.   

I wish I knew the answer!!!

Well, since I don’t, I will just try to lead by example.

One comment on “We Love Train Wrecks!

  1. Angela Bell-Deems
    September 5, 2012

    So true! Yep, all you can do is lead by example.

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