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Divided We Stand, United We Fall????

Really…Divided We Stand, United We Fall!!!!!!

I thought it was the other way around?  You know…maybe you remember this statement, United We Stand, Divided We Fall?  Is there NO middle ground?  Is there NO compromise?  Is there NO way everyone can come to an agreement that is good for the people?  No Way?

Let’s all of us…individuals from both political parties, individuals from all races, individuals on opposite sides of any issues…come together and LISTEN to each other.  LISTEN. LEARN. LEAD.


We can get more done!  Don’t you think our children are going to look back at how stubborn our generation was.  So, stubborn that we could not come to any compromise ON ANYTHING!  NO COMPROMISE ON ANYTHING? 

Shame On All Of Us.

I personally am embarrassed and ashamed that most of us aren’t even trying now a days.  Honestly LISTEN to each other, LEARN what is dividing all of us, then LEAD the way to a solution that is a compromise…a solution that is good for the masses.  There is no other way to do it, unless we want to keep acting like selfish children.  By the way, those of us who get defensive at this post are the guilty parties. 

It’s time to grow up everyone!  I’m listening!

3 comments on “Divided We Stand, United We Fall????

  1. Angela Bell-Deems
    September 6, 2012

    Your right, it is time to grow up! I’m tired of being open minded and still have people throwing their negative opinions in my face anyway. They really enjoy being a bully, and I’m tired of being bullied! I’m more of a quiet storm… We all need to come together before it comes to – United We Fall!

    • PhillipDeems
      September 6, 2012

      Well put Angela

  2. Karuna
    October 10, 2012

    Here’s another idea: Turn off the TV, go out, MEET people, and hear their stories: Gay couples; single spinsters; people of different ethnicities and religions; Peace Corps volunteer alumnus; elders in nursing homes; kids on your block; yeah, even that crazy guy you try to avoid. Listen to them. Become acquainted with them. And then Love. Them. All.
    As the Buddha said: “Everybody’s tears are salty. Everybody’s blood is red.”

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