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No Don’t Worry…Everyone Is Taking The Day Off!

I encourage you to do nothing today.  Here is how I see you doing that!  (SARCASM)

Make sure that you just casually make your way into work late…maybe take an immediate break, take a smoke or something.  Then, just yawn for about an hour.  After you finally get started on a project…take a 1 hour lunch break. 

Then come on back into work after your one hour lunch break…complain a little bit about what you ate, then go to the bathroom.  After you get out of the bathroom, start making your way back to your office…grab a drink of water and maybe another smoke break.

NOW, you can get started.  Oh, wait…you have to answer an email or two about this weekends parties and invites.  Ooooooh, I have to check my Facebook page, update my status.  (status update) “I’m at work right now!”  Okay, here we go…wait, I haven’t had a snack in a while.  Need to do that, then I will get started on my project.  Wow, time went by really fast.  It’s almost time to go home!  Now, that’s how it is done. 

Go ahead…do nothing today.  You’ve worked hard enough to deserve a day like this, RIGHT?  (SARCASM)

Mmmmmmmm, not so much!

One comment on “No Don’t Worry…Everyone Is Taking The Day Off!

  1. Angela Bell-Deems
    October 9, 2012

    Sounds familiar… (sarcasm)

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