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Phillip Deems

Has Another Day Passed You By

Another day has begun.  You are already thinking about what you are going to do tonight or tomorrow…Friday night or Saturday, right?  So, what happens in between now and then?

Do You Do This Everyday?

Every second counts…every minute is precious is the phrasing I hear from people all the time.  Does this only apply when you are NOT working.  If you are blanking out during the day, you are hurting no one but yourself and your family.  If you are only looking forward to that after work beer on the couch or that after work party or that after work event…you are incomplete as an individual. 

Complete The Puzzle That Is You

Becoming “a better you” includes work ethic.  Find a way everyday to get up and really focus on your responsibilities as an employee, a manager, a human being, a father, a mother, (being a father and a mother is work) a valuable member of society, a thinker, an educator, a leader and a CHANGE SPECIALIST.  Don’t look past these responsibilities.  FOCUS and then you can really enjoy the after work moments with your friends and family.

As I take my Journey To 4.0, I will contribute on every level.  I will make every minute count…even while I am at work!

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This entry was posted on October 12, 2012 by in Change, Forty, Planning, Success.
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