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Phillip Deems

How Did That Work Out For You?

  “How did that work out for you?”  I love this phrase and there is one simple reason why!  When I ask a partner or a potential partner this question…I … Continue reading

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Connecting Emotionally

To catch up on this riveting (sarcasm) discussion, please see the last two days post…but to briefly recap, I am an ad guy who has his favorite 10 Lessons On … Continue reading

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Quality Attracts!!!

If you haven’t had a chance yet…take a look at my blog post from yesterday.  “Life Lessons or Lessons on Marketing?”  initiated the thought that what could be learned from … Continue reading

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Life Lessons or Lessons on Marketing? You decide!

I can’t claim the following “10 Lessons On Marketing”, but I will tell you that I live by them everyday.  They are even posted on my office door.  Read each … Continue reading

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Don’t Blink!

Many years ago, one of my favorite trainers told me one of his secrets to speed.  He was lightning fast and as accurate as anyone I had ever worked with … Continue reading

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WHAT…I Mean WHO Is Holding You Back?

There was a moment in my life where I was spiraling out of control.  I had no clue why.  I was a college graduate, I had a great job and … Continue reading

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Holy Sh**, I Can Dream Again!

As most of you who have read my blog over the past year know, I have been on a journey to better everything about myself…from my physical health to my … Continue reading

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Why Lead Them To Water If They Want Coffee?

We’ve all heard the phrase “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.”  Here is what I learned about leading students.  The question is do … Continue reading

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Find The Reason…

So, I was in post-production with one of my producers the other day.  It was about 4:30pm and we had been working since about 6am.  Seeing that we were nowhere … Continue reading

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What Is…”The Anecdote”?

Welcome to the evolution of my blog “The Anecdote”.  After last year’s Journey To 4.0, I learned a lot about what it takes to make positive changes.  Now, I move … Continue reading

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